..."Such a beautiful book. Not only are the photographs stunning, but they make me very hungry!" -E.Chapman, Charleston, SC

…”Great Book! I ordered this book because I thought it would give me some simple yet tasty recipes. I haven’t tried everything yet but the recipes I have tried turned out better than I expected… Love this book so much it sits on my counter for easy access.” -Bobby Martyn via

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This tale of espionage, friendship, adventure and finally true love, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

..."Just finished Wicked Game in TWO SITTINGS!!! IT WAS AN EDGE OF THE SEAT READ...Can't wait for the movie!!! -Kimberly Eaton, Middleburg, PA

..."Can't put it down. Will anyone notice me reading while I'm eating dinner?" -Lauren Spiegal Marlis, Pasadena, California

..."A marvelous modern theme, a right up to the minute, current day thriller." -Lesley Spenser, Nassau, Bahamas/London, England

..."A great love story, family friendship and a great idea of what may have really happened...probably closer to the truth than published reports. I really enjoyed!" -David Eich via

..."An intriguing romance story, well narrated with interesting descriptions of people and places. It holds your attention right up to the ending with a plausible twist." -WillieTell via