It's Fig Week!

Just for fun, I’ve been posting fun fig recipes all week. I love figs, and really take advantage when they are in season. Super healthy, full of potassium and anti-oxidants, figs are filled with fiber and compliment both sweet and savory dishes. So much diversity in these sweet little gems!

PorkFigsPort Full1.jpg

This weeks feature

Porc Aux Figues               

with Port Wine & Fig Sauce, sweet and savory with tender and juicy pork tenderloin and a mouth watering port wine and fig sauce.

Click Here for the recipe! 

Honestly, I could put figs in or on just about everything or eat them just by themselves! I will miss having fresh figs until next season! Let me know your favorite ways to eat them, I would love to hear from you! In the meantime...

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Happy Fig Week! Next week we're getting ready for the holidays with lots of options for deliciously simple holiday side dishes! Our favorite time of year...See you then!