Spectacular Stone Fruit Season!

Plum Crumble - the perfect dessert to welcome the arrival of fall!

Plum Crumble - the perfect dessert to welcome the arrival of fall!

Have you noticed how beautiful and delicious the Stone Fruits are this time of year. I have been raiding the Farmers Markets for peaches, plums, cherries and apricots. Stone fruits not only offer lots of vitamins and nutrients, these super sweet beauties are also low in calories. I have been enamored with the plums this season. Did you know that the natural white film coating, called a “bloom” protects their skin and makes them juicy by keeping the moisture on the inside of the fruit. If the plums still have their bloom when purchasing, you can tell they have not been over handled, and they should be very juicy upon ripening. Filled with antioxidants, these sweet, juicy beauties are super heart and brain healthy and naturally low in calories. Check out the recipe for my Soothing Plum Crumble. It is amazing! (simply click on the photo!)


With so many delicious ways to enjoy, I thought I would share some of my favorite sweet and savory dishes with stone fruits this week. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, fresh salads, appetizers and desserts, so many delicious options for enjoying fresh stone fruits while they last.  I am thrilled to pass on just a few of my Fun & Simple favorites to enjoy with your family. Don’t forget to share and send me your photos!

I hope you enjoy these fun and simple stone fruit recipes while savoring the beginning of fall! Stay tuned for lots of fall entertaining ideas, menus and delicious and comforting new recipes...In the meantime,

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